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VERYeasy Tamarind Powder

High Range Spices is the first spices company introduced tamarind powder in the market. It is easy and well-established. Dried tamarind fruits are cleaned and after soaking them in water they are boiled in steam. Then pulp is extracted in pulper and dried in drum type drier and on cooling, the final product is packed. Tamarind powder is prepared with high security given to its manufacturing process and hence distributed as a quality product. We have secured state and national governments license certificate for our product.

Popular in many cuisines around the world, tamarind powder is used as a condiment and souring agent. Tamarind is extremely tart: its bouquet is slightly fruity, and it lends a more authentic taste to Indian lentil and curry dishes.Tamarind comes from a brown bean-pod from the tamarind tree. Native to Africa, tamarind is now cultivated in India and the Arab Gulf states as well. Tamarind has a long history of use in the cuisines of tropical areas, from Mexico to Cameroon to Indonesia. In Hindu mythology, tamarind is associated with the wedding of the god Krishna which is celebrated by a feast in November.

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