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We are one of the well-known cardamom suppliers in India. You can avail green colour cardamom pods from us. The green colours cardamom pods are good that add to the flavour of curries. Our cardamom products are widely used for Indian as well as foreign cuisines.

Black Pepper

Our black pepper plant seeds are famous across the international market. Kerala black pepper is known for its high quality. We offer hygienic product free from grimes and dust. Our black pepper products are widely used to enhance the taste of a variety of dishes.


Kerala Clove is one of our leading products. The mouth-watering flavour of Indian clove is even famous in the foreign countries. They are used in international cuisines. We also manufacture and supply black cloves, the oil from which can be used in making medicinal products, cosmetic products and clove based toothpaste.

Dry Ginger

Kerala dry ginger is widely recognised all over India. We manufacture and supply natural dry ginger to customers across the country.


Nutmeg nuts are carefully selected from quality plants and fields in Kerala. They can be used in home baking products. Nutmegs are usually used in cakes, cookies, muffins, fruit pies and sweet breads. It will add a nice flavour to pasta, vegetable sauce and creamy soups.


We are the most trusted Indian nutmace suppliers in the Indian markets. We supply deep red and yellow colour nutmace that can add taste to the cuisines and dishes. Despite Indian cuisines, our dried nutmace is used in several international cuisines like Mexico. Best Kerala nutmace spice is available in various packages at Highrange Trading and Distributing Co.

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Kollam cashew nuts are famous for their superior taste and quality. A wide variety of cashew nuts such as W180, W240 and W320 are available with us. We supply quality cashew nuts hygienically and carefully packed. People fell for our cashew nuts as they are delicious as well as healthy. Our dry cashew nuts are free from dust, pebbles and grimes. A special care is being given during the packing time to retain the purity and nutrient content of the cashew nuts.

Pulses and cereals

We supply various kinds of pulses and cereals. Though it includes all kinds, we are mainly in the production and supply of RAGI. High-quality ragi seeds in different quantities are available with us.Organic ragi, which comes in a deep red colour are also available with Highrange products.

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